Algebraic Geometry II - Toric Varieties (Math 232br)
Harvard - Spring 2013

Instructor: Carl Mautner
Meeting time: 2:30 on TTh in Science Center 411.
Office hours/problem sessions: TBA

Course Description: In this class we will study toric varieties as a rich class of examples with which to deepen our understanding of algebraic geometry. Along the way we will explore connections with combinatorics, symplectic geometry, topology and geometric invariant theory.

Texts: I plan to mainly follow the text of Cox, Little and Schenck. Other good resources include Fulton's book and the notes of Proudfoot. Both [Cox-Little-Schenck] and [Fulton] will be on reserve at the Cabot Library.

Prerequisites: 232a or some previous experience with algebraic geometry.

Homework and grading: I expect to assign approximately two short problems each class due one week later. Grades (for those who need them) will be based entirely on homework.

Homework assignments:
First batch (assigned between Jan. 22 and Feb. 12)
Second batch (Feb. 14 - Mar. 14)
Third batch (Mar. 26 - ...)

Collaboration: You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with other students. The final write-up of any solution, however, should be your own. Copying other students' solutions is not allowed.

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