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This Week's Finds

John Baez

From January 13, 1993 to August 11th, 2010, I wrote a column called This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics. There were a total of 300 issues — I didn't really do one every week. After the 300th issue, the column changed to cover a different range of topics. It changed titles too: now it's This Week's Finds. It can be found on my blog, Azimuth, as well as this website.

If you read This Week's Finds and all the papers and books it links to, you can learn most of the cool stuff I know. Dive in! My goal is to make myself obsolete. But beware: the things I included are not necessarily more important or better than the things I don't. Mostly I try to write about subjects I actually understand, which limits the selection tremendously. Also: my comments are not intended as "reviews". They are simply aimed at getting you interested.

All the old issues

Table of contents

You can also get the first 300 issues of This Week's Finds as PDF files:

These were kindly prepared by Tim Hosgood. I'm editing them, and so far I've only gone through the first 100 issues.

You can also get the original ASCII versions of the first 300 weeks of This Week's Finds if you want. But if you want these....

Information survives by people copying it. So, please download a file containing all the stuff I have!

I often update old issues of This Week's Finds to correct errors or add extra information, so please beware that the material in these files is only up-to-date as of August 26, 2019. The readme files explain that I am maintaining all rights to This Week's Finds, but letting you have a copy for personal use.

I also love it when people point out mistakes in This Week's Finds, ranging from errors of fact to typos and other glitches. So, if you catch a mistake, drop me a line, and I'll try to fix it.

Cytia Beata has compiled this timeline of This Week's Finds:

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