Quantum Gravity Seminar - Fall 2000

John Baez

I began holding a Quantum Gravity Seminar in the fall of 2000, when several new graduate students showed up who wanted to do their PhD's with me.

Toby Bartels and I wrote notes for this seminar in a heavily fictionalized form: a kind of continuation of the infamous Oz and the Wizard stories, in which a powerful but grumpy wizard teaches his hapless apprentice the basics of general relativity. Most of the characters in the story were based on participants of the seminar, but Oz was also included, mainly for comic relief.

As far as physics goes, the course had two "tracks":

Here are the notes:

Miguel Carrión Álvarez wrote up notes in the form of a more traditional math/physics textbook. The current draft is available here:

Alissa Crans wrote up solutions to the homework exercises for Track 1, and you can get these as PDF files:

We dug deeper into these topics in the Winter 2001 session... so go there if you're hungry for more!

© 2000 John Baez and Toby Bartels