Quantum Gravity Seminar - Spring 2001

John Baez

In this session of the Quantum Gravity Seminar, we continued delving into the subjects we began discussing in the Fall 2000 and Winter 2001 sessions: topological quantum field theory and diagrammatic methods in algebra. This session concentrates on quantum groups, particularly quantum SU(2), and their application to a topological quantum field theory called the Turaev-Viro model, which describes Riemannian quantum gravity in 3 dimensions.

The notes were taken by Alissa Crans, who has kindly scanned them in and created PDF files from them:

Someday I will try to create lower-resolution files that are quicker to download. I should also write something explaining what each week's notes cover! Of course, if anyone else wants to do this, I'll be eternally grateful, and my thanks will appear here.

For more, try the Fall 2001 notes!

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