Special Session on Homotopy Theory and Higher Algebraic Structures

AMS Western Section Meeting, November 7-8, 2009

University of California, Riverside

Organized by:  John Baez and Julie Bergner (UC Riverside)


Note: To watch the videos, you will need Quicktime. 

An overview of the talks can be found at: This Week’s Finds 284 and This Week’s Finds 285.


Saturday, November 7:

8:00 Aaron Lauda (Columbia University): Categorifying quantum groups   Video

8:30 Anthony Licata (Stanford University): Categorification via quiver varieties   Video

9:00 Alex Hoffnung (UC Riverside): A categorification of the Hecke algebra   Slides   Video

9:30 Christopher Walker (UC Riverside): A categorification of Hall algebras   Video

10:00 Jonathan Lee (Stanford University): Homotopy colimits and the space of square-zero upper-triangular matrices   Slides   Video

10:30 Nitu Kitchloo (UC San Diego): Universal Bott-Samelson resolutions   Video


3:00 Maia Averett (Mills College): Real Johnson-Wilson theories   Video

3:30 Emin Tatar (Florida State University): Abelian sheaves and Picard stacks   Slides   Video
               **Note: This talk is a change in schedule from the published program**

4:00 David Spivak (University of Oregon): Mapping spaces in quasi-categories   Video

4:30 Ben Williams (Stanford University): An application of A1-homotopy theory to problems in commutative algebra   Video

5:00 Christian Haesemeyer (UCLA): On the K-theory of toric varieties   Video

5:30 Dan Dugger (University of Oregon): Relations amongst motivic Hopf elements   (Cancelled)


7:00 Dinner at Tio’s Tacos


Sunday, November 8:

8:00 Weiwei Pan (St. Mary’s College of California): Group actions on categorified bundles   (Cancelled)

8:30 Eric Malm (Stanford University): String topology and the based loop space   Slides   Video

9:00 Laura Scull (Fort Lewis College): Orbifolds and equivariant homotopy theory   Video

9:30 Anssi Lahtinen (Stanford University): The Atiyah-Segal completion theorem in twisted K-theory   Video

10:00 Konrad Waldorf (UC Berkeley): String connections and supersymmetric sigma models   Slides   Video

10:30 Søren Galatius (Stanford University): Monoids of moduli spaces of manifolds   Video


3:00 Alissa Crans (Loyola Marymount University): 2-Quandles: Categorified quandles   Video

3:30 Chad Giusti (University of Oregon): Unstable Vassiliev theory   Slides   Video

4:00 Robin Koytcheff (Stanford University): A homotopy-theoretic view of Bott-Taubes integrals and knot spaces   Slides   Video

4:30 Chris Douglas (UC Berkeley): 3-Categories for the working mathematician

5:00 Scott Morrison (UC Berkeley): Blob homology 1   Slides   Video

5:30 Kevin Walker (Microsoft Station Q): Blob homology 2   Slides   Video


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