Network Theory

John Baez

October 13, 2014

Scientists use diagrams of networks in many different ways. To make sense of this, I'm writing a series of articles on network theory:

You can navigate forwards and back through these using the blue arrows. By clicking the links that say "on Azimuth", you can see blog entries containing these articles. Those let you read comments about my articles—and also make comments or ask questions of your own!

You can also watch 4 lectures, an overview of network theory, here:

Chemical reaction networks and Petri nets

Parts 1 to 26 are about chemical reaction networks and Petri nets. These parts have been made into a book:

I'm also expanding some parts into self-standing papers:

Here are the blog articles for parts 1-26:

This was the official end of the series of posts on stochastic Petri nets and chemical reaction networks... but there is more to read:

Electrical circuits and control theory

Starting in part 27, the network theory series changed topics to electrical circuits and related engineering problems. We'll be talking about material in these papers:

Here are the blog articles:

To understand ecosystems, ultimately will be to understand networks. - B. C. Patten and M. Witkamp

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Diagram on top by Nicolas Le Novere, illustrating SBGN: Entity Relationship Language