Quantum Gravity Seminar - Spring 2003

John Baez

In the Spring of 2003 I lectured about Clifford algebras, spinors, the Dirac equation and algebraic patterns in the Standard Model of particle physics, leading up to the SU(5) grand unified theory of Georgi and Glashow. In a way, these lectures were a continuation of the Fall 2002 session of the Quantum Gravity Seminar. However, you may be able to read them independently.

The course notes here were taken by Alissa Crans. Garett Leskowitz has kindly scanned them in and made PDF files out of them. Some homework assignments have been made into web pages, while others still need to be scanned in.

Enjoy! If for some strange reason you want the original LaTeX files for some of the above material, you can get them here. However, the authors reserve the rights to all this work.

© 2003 John Baez and Alissa Crans