James P. Kelliher

As is customary in Mathematics, the order of all authors is alphabetical.

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23. With Hantaek Bae: Striated Regularity for the Euler Equations, submitted.

A talk on this paper from December 2015. Of particular note is a simple restatement of the result in Lagrangian coordinates. (See the corollary on page 15.)
This paper supersedes The vortex patches of Serfati, extending the result to higher dimensions, simplifying some of the proofs, and correcting a few small errors as well. The older paper includes a number of 2D examples, however.

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Two talks related to this paper:

From December 2015 SIAM PDE meeting in Phoenix.
Recent progress on the vanishing viscosity limit in the presence of a boundary from July 2016 at the The 7th Pacific RIM Conference on Mathematics in Seoul, South Korea. This is a more general talk on the vanishing viscosity limit.

19. With Elaine Cozzi: Incompressible Euler Equations and the Effect of Changes at a Distance, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics 18(4), 765-781, 2016.

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Version including a few more details in proofs and an afterword that includes further discussion of relation to the literature.
Talk on this paper given at SIAM PDE meeting in Orlando December 2013.

17. With David M. Ambrose, Milton C. Lopes Filho, and Helena J. Nussenzveig Lopes: Serfati solutions to the 2D Euler equations on exterior domains, Journal of Differential Equations, 259(9), 4509-4560, 2015.

Published version on ScienceDirect's website open access until 17 Sept 2015

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Talk on this paper given in October 2012 at AMS Western Sectional Meeting in Tuscon.

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Talk on this paper given in November 2011 at SIAM PDE Meeting in San Diego.

14. On the flow map for 2D Euler equations with unbounded vorticity, Nonlinearity, 24(9), 2599-2637, 2011. Published version on Nonlinearity's web site. Comment

Talk on the first part of this two-part paper given in December 2009 at SIAM PDE Meeting in Miami. This first part is a refinement of the fourth chapter of my thesis.
Talk on the second part of this paper given in June 2011 at the 3rd Workshop on Fluids and PDE in Campinas, Brazil. This second part is very hard to give a talk on, as it is examines an inverse problems more closely tied to the theory of functional equations than to classical fluid mechanics, so the techniques are unfamiliar to most of the intended audience. (The second part of this paper is, admittedly, idiosyncratic.)

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Talk on this paper given in October 2010 at AMS Western Sectional Meeting in UCLA.

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