Linear Algebra II
Math 132 - Winter 2015

Instructor: Carl Mautner
Meeting time: MWF 2:10--3 in room MSE 103 Sproul 2340.
Office hours: M 12-1, W 10-12 (or by appointment) in room 255 Surge


TA: Josh Strong
TA Office hours: M 11-12 and W,Th,F 12-1 in room 2416 Pierce

Course Description: In this course we will continue from where you left off in Linear Algebra I, by learning more refined properties of linear maps. We will start by studying linear operators (i.e., linear maps from a vector space to itself) and introduce the notions of eigenvalues, minimal polynomials and canonical forms. Then we will study the linear maps and operators for vector spaces endowed with extra structure, like the dot product structure on R^n.

Texts: Linear Algebra, by Peter Petersen.

Grades: The grade will be based on homework assignments (25%), one in-class exam (30%) tentatively set for Friday, February 6, and a final exam (45%) on March 17, 7-10 pm. Final letter grade cut-offs will be made at the end of the semester and will be no worse the standard scale (e.g., if you get above 90% you are guaranteed an A or A-).

Homework: Homework will generally be assigned each class meeting and due a week later at the beginning of class. A list of the homework problems will be kept on the webpage. Late homework will not be accepted, but the lowest two homework grades will be dropped.

Collaboration: You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with other students. The final write-up of any solution, however, should be your own. Copying other students' solutions is not allowed.

Homework assignments:
1) M Jan. 5 (Due M Jan. 12) - Sect. 2.3, Problems 1, 3, 7.
2) W Jan. 7 (Due W Jan. 14) - pdf.
It seems many of you are rusty on material from 131 - here are some review problems for you. (not required but strongly recommended!)
3) F Jan. 9 (Due F Jan. 16) - pdf.
M Jan. 12 - no homework, next Monday is a holiday.
4) W Jan. 14 (Due W Jan. 21) - pdf.
5) F Jan. 16 (Due F Jan. 23) - pdf.
If you would like to redo problem 7 from HW1, please turn it in on M Jan. 26.
6) W Jan. 21 (Due W Jan. 28) - pdf.
7) F Jan. 23 (Due F Jan. 30) - pdf.
8) M Jan. 26 (Due M Feb. 2) - pdf.
No homework due on Feb. 4 or 6. Study for the midterm! Here is a review sheet to help you study.
9) W Feb. 11 (Due W Feb. 18) - pdf.
10) F Feb. 13 (Due F Feb. 20) - pdf.
11) W Feb. 18 (Due W Feb. 25) - pdf.
12) F Feb. 20 (Due F Feb. 27) - pdf.
No homework due on Mar. 2!
13) W Feb. 25 (Due W Mar. 4) - pdf.
14) F Feb. 27 (Due F Mar. 6) - pdf.
15) M Mar. 2 (Due M Mar. 9) - pdf.
16) W Mar. 4 (Due W Mar. 11) - pdf - last assignment!
Here is another review sheet to help you study for the final. The exam will be cumulative.

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