Quantum Gravity Seminar - Spring 2007

John Baez and Derek Wise

This quarter's seminar will be a continuation of this year's Fall and Winter seminars, but instead of discussing "classical versus quantum computation", we'll mainly focus on the role of cohomology in computation. So, the two parts of the seminar are:

As usual, John Baez will lecture and Derek Wise will take beautiful notes which you will be able to read here. If you discover any errors in these notes, please email me, and we'll try to correct them. We'll keep a list of errors that haven't been fixed yet.

These courses are also available via my blog at the n-Category Café. Each week's notes comes with a blog entry where you can ask questions, make comments, and chat with other people following the course.

The week numbers for these notes continue where last quarter's notes leave off.

There may also be some LaTeX, encapsulated PostScript and xfig files to download if for some bizarre reason you want them. However, we reserve all rights to this work.

Quantization and Cohomology

This quarter we're finally going to get into cohomology in a more explicit way. Notes from the last two quarters are here:

Here's a rough draft of this quarter's notes, without any figures so far:

You can also see Derek's beautiful handwritten notes, with figures and extra reading material:

Cohomology and Computation

© 2007 John Baez and Derek Wise