Algebraic Topology

John Baez, Mike Stay, Christopher Walker

Winter 2007

Here are some notes for an introductory course on algebraic topology. The lectures are by John Baez, except for classes 2-4, which were taught by Derek Wise. The lecture notes are by Mike Stay.

Homework assigned each week was due on Friday of the next week. You can read answers to these homework problems, written by Christopher Walker.

The course used this book:

So, theorem numbers match those in this book whenever possible, and it's best to read these notes along with the book. We deviate from Munkres at various points. We skip many sections, and we put more emphasis on concepts from category theory, especially near the end of the course.

But, the star of the show is π1 — the fundamental group!

Try doing the review problems for the final exam, and then try doing the final exam.

If for some reason you want the LaTeX files of Christopher Walker's homework answers, the review problems, or the final, they're here. However, all rights to these belong to us.

© 2007 John Baez, Mike Stay, Christopher Walker