Geometric Representation Theory Seminar - Winter 2008

John Baez and James Dolan

This winter, our seminar continues what we began in last quarter: studying geometric representation theory with the help of groupoidification. Last quarter we developed the basic idea of groupoidification, starting from scratch. This time we'll apply it to examples, starting with three closely related ones:

As before, this seminar is jointly run by John Baez and James Dolan, and we'll report on research we've done with Todd Trimble.

Also as before, here you can find videos and handwritten notes of the seminar, as well as links to blog entries at the n-Category Café, where you're encouraged to ask questions and make comments!

All the videos are on Google drive, here, listed by date. For example, the first, data January 8th, is the file

For much more on this subject, see:

Here are the lecture notes, videos and blog entries for this quarter:


If you catch mistakes, let me know and I'll add them to the list of errata. You can also see LaTeX, encapsulated PostScript and xfig files to download if for some bizarre reason you want them. However, we reserve all rights to this work.

© 2008 John Baez and James Dolan